David & Anthony's

Mission Trip to India

Dec 29, 2019-Jan 9, 2020






 Anthony Ping and I just got back from doing a ten-day mission trip in Tuni, India from December 30, 2019, to January 9th, 2020.

For five years I kept getting invitations by Pastor Joesph Raj from Tuni, India to come to preach and sing in India. India is part of the 10/40 window where many have yet to hear about the Gospel.

I brought the idea up to my longtime friend and partner in ministry Anthony Ping.

Anthony has been apart of GentleWind Ministries International since 1999 and has served in both administration and one of the board members for GWI. From 1999 to 2003, we traveled all over America conducting services in churches and retreats.  We were hoping the Lord would open more doors for us to work together again.


Taking a big step of faith, Anthony arranged all our flights and hotels. Our host church and Pastor Joesph were excited that we were coming. 


They had planned a busy 10 days visiting many tribal villages, towns, and cities doing two different churches a day with services running 2-3 hours long.

Anthony and I both preached, taught and sang in the different meetings geared for pastors, lay leaders, congregations as well as doing evangelistic outreach with our host church. We found ourselves doing a lot of prayer ministry as people just seemed to come out of nowhere and line up for prayer or for a blessing. These lines would be long, but they didn't seem to mind waiting for the prayer.

It was a wonderful privilege to work again with my long-time friend and partner in ministry Anthony Ping again. We are hoping the Lord will open more doors for us to work together again.

Would you partner with us? We are raising $1,000 which would cover the remaining cost for all our plane tickets, hotel and travel expenses.

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