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Celebrating 37 years of Music Ministry
14 years as a ''Musicianary'' in Latvia

David Michael Carrillo

David Michael Carrillo is an award-winning musician, Pastor, author, and speaker who has been on a "Life-changing Adventure" since He came to faith in Jesus Christ at age 6 in 1972.

Many have been deeply touched by his music and ministry as he shares about the challenges of growing up with learning disabilities, peer rejection, ADHD, and the incredible way the Lord used him to bring healing to the nation after the tragedy at Columbine High School, in Littleton, CO in April of 1999.

In the summer of 2008, a short-term mission trip to the country of Latvia would forever change his life and ministry.

David Michael has now lived in the country of Latvia for over 14 years and serves as a ''Musicianary'' for the people of the country of Latvia and beyond. He continues to travel internationally sharing the Good News through his music, mission outreach, and ministry. He was "adopted' by Kristaps, Liga, and Markus who have claimed him as one of their own giving him the honor of being "dad’ ‘in their lives.

Deliver Me Master Cover.jpg
The new album ''Deliver Me'' out on digital platforms

''Deliver Me'' (A Song for Ukraine)  the music video available on YouTube

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