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Celebrating 37 years of serving
The Calvary Chapel Fellowships
Pastor, Worship Leader, Musicianary to Latvia
When The Night Is Deep - David Michael Carrillo
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David Michael Carrillo is an ordained Calvary Chapel pastor & worship leader who has had the honor and privilege to minister in Worship and the Word to numerous Calvary Chapel fellowships, several regional Pastor's conferences, and men and youth retreats internationally. As a" Musicianary" he has a heart for Latvia and the former Soviet Union countries. He works closely with SONetwork which has outreaches in Latvia, Albania, Slovakia, Ukraine, and other Eastern European nations.


David Michael began his training in ministry at Calvary Chapel of Costa Mesa, between 1987-1991.

He became actively involved in sharing at the Monday Night Bible study with Pastor Chuck Smith and leading worship for the various Bible studies and services Calvary hosted.

Working alongside the different pastors that headed up these ministries taught David Michael to be open to the leading of the Holy Spirit and flexible to the pastor's leadership.

In 1990, David Michael started to travel on the road full-time when requests began to come in from other Calvary Chapels, after the release of his first worship recording," In The Quiet Moments " though Calvary Chapels record label " ASAPH Records".

His Bible-teaching ministry was born out of the invitations he began to receive from the "Mainline" Churches. David Michael simply applied the "verse by verse" approach to the Bible text that was assigned for that Sunday and before he knew it, found himself getting invited to different churches outside the Calvary Chapel fellowships including, Lutherans, Methodists, Reformed & Baptist. 

For the last 37 years, David Michael has been amazed at the doors the Lord has opened up for him as a worship leader, Bible teacher, and conference speaker, traveling throughout the United States and several countries overseas.

David Michael continues to be very active in ministry and credits his home church, Calvary Chapel on the Horizon in Indianapolis, Indiana, which has ordained him and supports him in his ministry to the Mainline churches as an Evangelist. and a" Musicianary" to the country of Latvia & Eastern Europe.


David Michael is very passionate for the Lord. It comes out in both his teaching of the Word and in leading others in Worship. He is willing to “get in the trenches” and meet people right where there are…regardless of where that may be”.  David Michael has been and continues to be a wonderful part of our fellowship’s body of believers and carries the message of the gospel proudly everywhere he goes.”

Jim Brown Pastor, of Calvary Chapel on the Horizon, Indianapolis, IN

His Call To Latvia

In December of 2007, David Michael was introduced to the ministry of which has outreaches in Latvia, Estonia, Slovakia, Ukraine, and other post-Soviet countries. David Michael teamed up with SONetwork and in the summer of 2008, went to Latvia to serve at the Latvia English Bible Camp.

It was his third visit to Latvia in the summer of 2010, that David Michael felt led to return in the fall of that year for a 3-month short-term mission trip. That trip has now turned into 14 years of living and serving the people of Latvia and Eastern Europe. He was adopted by Kristaps, Līga & Markuss who made him a part of their family and lovingly call and refer to him as "dad".

It is through David Michael's speaking and singing engagements in the states that he is able to raise his mission support which allows him to continue his missionary work in the country of Latvia and throughout Europe.

David Michael would love the opportunity to come and share his heart, music, and message with your fellowship.

He is currently booking for "The Life-Changing Adventure'' tour from, August 11th through November 10, 2024.

He is available for Sunday services, midweek services, evening concerts, School chapel services, Homegroups, conferences, and retreats. Below are links with information about his mission work and speaking & music ministry.
He does not charge for his ministry and is glad to receive whatever the Lord puts on the pastor's heart. The only request we ask for is for gas and a family from the fellowship that would be open to hosting him during his time with you. All offerings, donations, and product sales are in support of David Michael's continuing mission work in Latvia and Eastern Europe.

For more information please call us at (317) 641-3600 or email us at
For a list of fellowships and references to where David Michael has shared, feel free to email us and we would be glad to send it to you.


In the United States

David Michael Carrillo

GentleWind Ministries International

PO Box 44601

Indianapolis, IN 46244

(317) 641-3600

In Latvia

David Michael Carrillo

St Gregors Mission Center

Liela iela 26

Saldus, LV 3801-Latvia


Gregors Education Center.jpg

In the United States

David Michael Carrillo

Calvary Chapel on the Horizon

1117 South Bridgeport Rd

Indianapolis, IN 46231

(317) 247-7777

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