About David Michael Carrilo

Using the Word of God and music, David Michael Carrillo (Ka-Re-Yo) has ministered the Gospel of Jesus Christ internationally bridging the gap between ages and denominations. His message of hope and healing comes from his personal relationship with the Lord that started when he was 6 years old in Sunday school.

Growing up, he faced the challenges of having Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder,(ADHD), learning disabilities, and being rejected by his peers.

In his 2006 book called "Fearfully &Wonderfully Made" (My Christian Journey with ADHD), David Michael shares about the healing power of the Gospel that delivered him from the fear of people and self doubt that developed as a teenager and young adult.

David Michael's music has gained national and international attention. His song "A Servant's Prayer" is featured in a book by former all-star pitcher Dave Dravecky called  "Portraits in Courage"(Zondervan 1998). In April of 1999, David Michael was flown out to Littleton, CO to share his song "Trust in You" for the memorial service of  Corey Depooter one of the students who lost their life at Columbine High School.

In 2002, the songs "Fearfully & Wonderfully Made" & "Wounds & Pain" launched off David Michael's ADHD presentation and lecture which took him around the world.

"Crossroads & Turning Points" released in 2012 was musical groundbreaking recording for David Michael as he teamed with producer Viesturs Knopkens from Saldus, Latvia. Using a wide variety of musical styles, the album reflects David Michael's personal life. The uptempo song, "Caught In The Middle" became an instant hit followed by the prayerful song "Faithful" and his heartfelt song "I m Here For You Now" written for his Latvian children, Kristaps, Liga and Mark.

David Michael returned to his acoustic folk roots in 2015 with his 15th album, "Alone With You" featuring 17 unplugged acoustic story songs about life. 

As a Musicianary, he ministers through preaching and singing throughout Western and Eastern European countries working closely with East European Mission Network in Latvia, Estonia, Slovakia, and other Eastern European nations. David Michael's deep desire is that through the preaching of the Word & music, many will come to new life through Jesus Christ.


When not traveling on tour, David Michael lives and serves as one of the pastors and teachers at St Gregors Education Center in Saldus, Latvia. He also serves at Striki School as a spiritual leader and a teacher helper.
He also enjoys spending time with his Latvian host family in the rural countryside of Striķi. His Latvian family, Kristaps, Līga, and Markuss have “adopted” him as one of their own, giving him the privilege of being a “dad” to them.

A Servants Prayer

Trust In You

Fearfully & Wonderfully Made

Wounds & Pain

Caught In The Middle

I'm Here for You Now

Alone With You

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