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After being a full time touring artist for over 25 years, it has been different to be at the same place every day investing in the lives of the kids and their families in Striķi and Saldus. The one thing I always missed out when traveling on the road, is not seeing the fruit that the Lord may have brought forth from my ministry event.

Since moving to Latvia in November of 2010, I have been excited to see the Lord move among the hearts of the kids and their families and see positive changes take place. It is almost like being a farmer who plants in a field and now waits for the harvest.

Would you prayerfully consider being a mission partner with me? As with any missionary ministry, it does take funding. I must at least raise $850.00 per month the minimum required by the Latvian government to stay in the country.
Any love offering of $5, $10, $25, $50 or $100.00 per month or as a one time gift really does make a difference to the lives of the children and the families we are reaching here in Saldus, Striķi Latvia and beyond.

If you feel lead to give a one time gift or would like to give monthly, you may send your tax deductible gift payable to:

GentleWind Ministries International
PO Box 44601
Indianapolis, IN 46244

You may also make an online donation to GentleWind Ministries International through our partners at Paypal

We are listed on for transparency 

All donations & love gifts given are tax-deductible.
Your gift helps me continue my mission work in Latvia,Eastern Europe and beyond.
GentleWind Ministries International is a
501(c)(3) Nonprofit religious organization. EIN number 27-1864424 
We are listed on for transparency 
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