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Contact and Booking Information

David Michael's personal appearance is in support of his mission work in Latvia and Eastern Europe. David Michael would love to come and share his heart, music, and message at your church, home group, or Christian event. The links below are some of the ways David Michael's can serve your church or Christian event through his different speaking and music presentations.

Feel free to contact us at +1-317 641-3600 or email us at .

In Latvia
David Michael Carrillo
St Gregors Education Center
Leila iela 26, Saldus LV-3801 Latvia
Phone: +371 20088849

In The United States
David Michael Carrillo
GentleWind Ministries International
PO Box 44601 Indianapolis, IN 46244
Phone: 1 (317) 641-3600

Gregors Education Center.jpg

In The United States
David Michael Carrillo

SON Network

8210 Louisiana Blvd., NE – Suite B

Albuquerque, New Mexico 87113

1 (505) 994-3278


Cost & Fee's

David Michael does not charge a certain fee to come and share.

We leave it up to the Lord to guide the leadership of the Church or Christian organization concerning love offering or honorarium amount. The only "up front" cost we would ask for is for gas for traveling & to provide a host family to house David Michael during his time with you.

David Michael knows that some invitations may come from places that would be considered “missions” and he may need to cover all of his own travel.  With all invitations, he will ask the Lord if this is where He would want him to go minister.  If he feels a “yes”, David Michael is confident that the Lord will supply the finances.


All of David Michael's love offerings, honorariums and product donations are in support for his continuing mission work in Latvia.

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