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Partners in Ministry


Since 1988, David Michael Carrillo's unique style of ministry has allowed him to be a welcome guest in numerous churches and Christian Organizations internationally building bridges between ages and denominations.

Our mission at GentleWind Ministries International is to be a blessing to the Body of Christ. Therefore, David Michael offer's a variety of Christ-centered ministries fit for all ages. Our ministry here at GentleWind Ministries is not a humanitarian organization, but a spiritual one as we seek to build up and encourage the believers in Christ through praise and worship music and the teaching of God's Word. We also come along side other churches and Christian organizations in sharing the Gospel through music, preaching and other evangelism outreach to their communities.

As a minister of the Gospel, David Michael's prayer is to use both the preaching and teaching of the Word of God and the gift of music, to bring the listener closer to the love of God that's found in Jesus Christ.

David Michael feels this is accomplished by having a servant's heart and taking more of a supportive role in working alongside the leadership of the local church or the Christian Organizations that have invited him. David Michael is always willing to tailor the ministry he offers to fit the worship life of the local church body or Christian Organization that has invited him.

Below are just some of the churches and organizations we have build a strong relationship with.

Having a burden for Latvia and the post-Soviet Union countries, David Michael has teamed up with SONetwork to reach out to the former Soviet Countries.
SON is an international network that connects North American believers with ministries in former communist and Soviet bloc nations in Central & East Europe, the Baltics, the Balkans, and Ethiopia. SON Network is currently serving in Albania, Estonia, Latvia, Slovakia, Ukraine, and Ethiopia.


Gregors Education Center.jpg

St.Gregor's Christian Education Center in Saldus, Latvia is a meeting place for missionaries from all around the world, established for people to be called, trained, and sent out into ministry "to the ends of the earth".
David Michael serves at St Gregor's as a teacher, pastor, conference speaker, and worship leader.

David Michael began his training and started in the ministry at Calvary Chapel of Costa Mesa, CA.
For over 37 years, he has been a guest worship leader and/or Bible teacher at over 375 Calvary Chapel fellowships, Pastor's conferences, and other events hosted by Calvary Chapel fellowships internationally.
David Michael is a member of Calvary Chapel on the Horizon in Indianapolis, IN, where Jim Brown is the senior pastor who has credentialed him and supports him in his ministry. To learn more about his ministry among the Calvary fellowships, just click on the icon.

David Michael also holds membership with Spirit of Joy Lutheran Church in Indianapolis, IN.

Since 1994, He has enjoyed sharing at over 210 Lutheran congregations internationally as a guest worship musician and pastor. He has shared at Church Wide Assembly, Synod & Pastors retreats, and national youth gatherings for America and Latvia.

In 1997 he served as the worship leader for Trinity Lutheran Church in Oregon City, OR. David Michael currently services through the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Latvia. To learn more about his ministry among the Lutheran Church, just click on the icon.

David Michael Carrillo has ministered the Gospel through music and preaching for over 37 years in over 25 denominations and nondenominational churches.

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